Diamond planet thought to have been found rotating pulsar

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Sounds gorgeous =) article found below:



What video game animal would you most like to eat? – Question of the day

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Haven’t written in my blog for a while but was inspired to today when I found a page on kotaku asking ‘what video game animal would you most like to eat?’

As both a food fan & a video game fan I couldn’t resist…and think my choice would have to be spoink…imagine the crackling


So…what video game animal would you most like to eat?

Blue tit eaten by plant (from bbc)

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http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-14416809?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter impressive that a plant is able to do that; but…eww

The Infernal Device

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The Ruins - Myke Amend

The Ruins - Myke Amend

Today’s post is about a team of artists are embarking on a project using recycled bits-and-bobs & renewable energy sources to create some pretty cool artwork & showcase some of the technology that’s out there.  I’m not feeling particularly literate today so it’s probably best to follow the link & find out about it for yourself, but what I can say is that they’re giving away some awesome things if you donate to help them out…so if you love steampunky wonderful goodness, like the sound of the project, or just want to make me incredibly jealous (I have exactly £0.00 ='( so no donating for me) then click on the link =)


Desert Shadows - Myke Amend

Desert Shadows - Myke Amend

Quote of the Day – ‘Prick from the Isle of Man’

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‘The Suda is alone in claiming that Sappho was married to a “very wealthy man called Cercylas, who traded from Andros” and that he was Cleïs’ father. This tradition may have been invented by the comic poets as a witticism, as the name of the purported husband means “prick from the Isle of Man.”‘

Holt Parker, “Sappho Schoolmistress” (orig. pub. Transactions of the American Philological Association 123 (1993), pp. 309-51 via http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sappho

Picture of the day…zzzzzz

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Spent the Day studying, weather’s gloomy, might go to the library in a bit, feeling quite accomplished though =) except when I think about all the work I haven’t even started yet =s


Charity Pesterers hit new low

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Today I saw a girl crying in the street, she wasn’t bawling but she was obviously upset & as far as I could tell she wanted to be left alone. Whilst busy thinking about the girl I almost ran into one of those people who stand in the street persuading people to sign up to give money to charity. Now I’m not a total scrooge, back home I quite liked helping out with things for good causes, but in England they seem to take this a few steps further, these people don’t just want your change, they want your phone number, your email & sometimes even your address and the English charity collector is a stubborn & manipulative beast. Now this is where the girl comes in, in dodging the charity girl I open up a direct path between her and the girl who was crying, to my disbelief charity girl makes a bee-line for crying girl
‘Are you ok?’ 🙂 slightly too cute smile…crying girl gives an unsure nod…’Awesome :), well I’d just like to tell you about…’

Shameless…I walk away baffled :s