Hybrid Air Vehicles

January 8, 2011 § 3 Comments


I think I might be in love…with a skycat.

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved blimps, I like the idea of them.  Anything that flies is always going to get my attention, but there’s something quite special in my mind associated with airships, and I always wished I lived somewhere where I could see them flying around.

Living in a garage the iconic goodyear blimp is one that holds a lot of appeal for me, makes me think of summers as a kid

Goodyear Blimp Pictures, Images and Photos

There’s also that very steam punk thing about them *drools a little*


So when I saw a hybrid air vehicle on the news my heart skipped a beat, such gorgeous machines, if you look at the website (or check out youtube, worth checking out the nearly identical P-791 as well) you can see a video of one in flight, they fly like some kind of sky whale, really graceful. They look so much like the blimps I love, but new technology is creating so much potential in these hybrid machines as cargo transporters & surveillance that their standard blimp counterparts just don’t have

Really hope this technology continues to go places


§ 3 Responses to Hybrid Air Vehicles

  • Vay says:

    I’m more partial towards hot air balloons but I guess they’re in the same family as blimps. ^.^

    I’ve always wanted to drift lazily through the air like a majestic cloud…

    • sanyu says:

      I also have a massive soft spot for hot air balloons =$ one day we should go in one =)
      Like they do in around the world in 80 days…

      • AK says:

        *this is vay again*

        That’s exactly where my liking of hot air balloons come from! However, the novel never had any journey by the balloon, just the film. I still love the idea though… We should definitely do it across England one day if we can. ^.^ Imagine having tea while drifting over Napoleon’s pillar. *sigh*

        Owl City’s addictive tune ‘Hot Air Balloon’ fuelled my love of it too.

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