Charity Pesterers hit new low

April 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today I saw a girl crying in the street, she wasn’t bawling but she was obviously upset & as far as I could tell she wanted to be left alone. Whilst busy thinking about the girl I almost ran into one of those people who stand in the street persuading people to sign up to give money to charity. Now I’m not a total scrooge, back home I quite liked helping out with things for good causes, but in England they seem to take this a few steps further, these people don’t just want your change, they want your phone number, your email & sometimes even your address and the English charity collector is a stubborn & manipulative beast. Now this is where the girl comes in, in dodging the charity girl I open up a direct path between her and the girl who was crying, to my disbelief charity girl makes a bee-line for crying girl
‘Are you ok?’ 🙂 slightly too cute smile…crying girl gives an unsure nod…’Awesome :), well I’d just like to tell you about…’

Shameless…I walk away baffled :s


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