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The Ruins - Myke Amend

The Ruins - Myke Amend

Today’s post is about a team of artists are embarking on a project using recycled bits-and-bobs & renewable energy sources to create some pretty cool artwork & showcase some of the technology that’s out there.  I’m not feeling particularly literate today so it’s probably best to follow the link & find out about it for yourself, but what I can say is that they’re giving away some awesome things if you donate to help them out…so if you love steampunky wonderful goodness, like the sound of the project, or just want to make me incredibly jealous (I have exactly £0.00 ='( so no donating for me) then click on the link =)

Desert Shadows - Myke Amend

Desert Shadows - Myke Amend


My new Blackberry/How I joined the modern world

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A couple of days ago I got a new phone contract, I decided to finally join the modern world and get something where I could use the internet, and possibly get a phone made some time in the past century (my old sony ericsson really belongs with the dinosaurs). I ended up with a blackberry curve and I’m amazed at how much it can do, spent all day downloading apps for twitter,wordpress,email it’s amazing =) I love the qwerty keypad, the battery life is surprisingly good =s (which is one thing I was worried about) and its still good for all the things phones should be, can’t wait to learn more about what it can do =)

Hybrid Air Vehicles

January 8, 2011 § 3 Comments

I think I might be in love…with a skycat.

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved blimps, I like the idea of them.  Anything that flies is always going to get my attention, but there’s something quite special in my mind associated with airships, and I always wished I lived somewhere where I could see them flying around.

Living in a garage the iconic goodyear blimp is one that holds a lot of appeal for me, makes me think of summers as a kid

Goodyear Blimp Pictures, Images and Photos

There’s also that very steam punk thing about them *drools a little*


So when I saw a hybrid air vehicle on the news my heart skipped a beat, such gorgeous machines, if you look at the website (or check out youtube, worth checking out the nearly identical P-791 as well) you can see a video of one in flight, they fly like some kind of sky whale, really graceful. They look so much like the blimps I love, but new technology is creating so much potential in these hybrid machines as cargo transporters & surveillance that their standard blimp counterparts just don’t have

Really hope this technology continues to go places

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