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February 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The weather’s been gloomy for days now, can’t wait for another clear day =) this morning looked promising but the clouds stayed and the gloom set in for another afternoon let’s hope there’s some better weather soon =)Photobucket

Today also marks the 15th anniversary since pokemon Red & Green were released in Japan, happy Birthday Pokemon =) x Sitting here excited for Black & White release day on Friday, can’t wait (really glad it’s happening the day after my midterms finish and not the day before =p),  tis going to be awesome…well it’s been a good 15 years so far =) here’s to at least another decade together


Soul Silver!

May 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

I meant to write a while ago about Pokemon Soul Silver, I must say it’s amazing :H one of the things that has impressed me most so far is the sheer variety of pokemon at the beginning of the game, and not just variety…an assortment of pokemon that you might actually want to keep and train.  The collection of new features are also really fun, I love seeing my pokemon walking along beside me, and my pokewalker hasn’t left my side in the past month.

Leveling up happens much slower than in other games (understandable with 16 badges to get through), although the levels of your opponents are lower to compensate…keep having the urge to grind constantly, but considering how little time I have to play at the moment it seems like a bit of a waste doing that, and I haven’t come across any problems so far =)

Actually really behind with this game, and haven’t been able to play in a week so not much more I can say (damn exams), might start cataloging the stories behind my pokemon names, that would be fun

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