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The Ruins - Myke Amend

The Ruins - Myke Amend

Today’s post is about a team of artists are embarking on a project using recycled bits-and-bobs & renewable energy sources to create some pretty cool artwork & showcase some of the technology that’s out there.  I’m not feeling particularly literate today so it’s probably best to follow the link & find out about it for yourself, but what I can say is that they’re giving away some awesome things if you donate to help them out…so if you love steampunky wonderful goodness, like the sound of the project, or just want to make me incredibly jealous (I have exactly £0.00 ='( so no donating for me) then click on the link =)

Desert Shadows - Myke Amend

Desert Shadows - Myke Amend


Quote of the Day – ‘Prick from the Isle of Man’

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‘The Suda is alone in claiming that Sappho was married to a “very wealthy man called Cercylas, who traded from Andros” and that he was Cleïs’ father. This tradition may have been invented by the comic poets as a witticism, as the name of the purported husband means “prick from the Isle of Man.”‘

Holt Parker, “Sappho Schoolmistress” (orig. pub. Transactions of the American Philological Association 123 (1993), pp. 309-51 via

Charity Pesterers hit new low

April 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today I saw a girl crying in the street, she wasn’t bawling but she was obviously upset & as far as I could tell she wanted to be left alone. Whilst busy thinking about the girl I almost ran into one of those people who stand in the street persuading people to sign up to give money to charity. Now I’m not a total scrooge, back home I quite liked helping out with things for good causes, but in England they seem to take this a few steps further, these people don’t just want your change, they want your phone number, your email & sometimes even your address and the English charity collector is a stubborn & manipulative beast. Now this is where the girl comes in, in dodging the charity girl I open up a direct path between her and the girl who was crying, to my disbelief charity girl makes a bee-line for crying girl
‘Are you ok?’ 🙂 slightly too cute smile…crying girl gives an unsure nod…’Awesome :), well I’d just like to tell you about…’

Shameless…I walk away baffled :s

Quote of the Day

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Reading an article about the wobbles in Saturn’s rings and found this quote that made me smile =) here Dr. Mark Showater (SETI Institute) describes the effect of comets on the rings of planets:

Rings are comet catchers,” he says. “We probably already realised that comets hit rings periodically but we never realised before that every comet puts its own signature into the rings when it comes by and that that history gets recorded into these spiral patterns”

Picture of the Day

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The weather’s been gloomy for days now, can’t wait for another clear day =) this morning looked promising but the clouds stayed and the gloom set in for another afternoon let’s hope there’s some better weather soon =)Photobucket

Today also marks the 15th anniversary since pokemon Red & Green were released in Japan, happy Birthday Pokemon =) x Sitting here excited for Black & White release day on Friday, can’t wait (really glad it’s happening the day after my midterms finish and not the day before =p),  tis going to be awesome…well it’s been a good 15 years so far =) here’s to at least another decade together


November 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve never been a big fan of afternoons, and as a result I hate having to waste the mornings.  A normal working day starts at 9am, and for a lot of us that means falling asleep around midnight and waking up some time around 6, or if you’re lucky enough to be a student on campus like I am at the moment some time between 7.45 & 8.30 =p

This I find to be a very sad state of affairs for us morning lovers wasting 60-85% of the best part of the day asleep, I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping at the moment and as a result I do actually get to enjoy the early hours of the morning…but struggle through the rest of the day as a result.  I also tend to feel bad for not sleeping and in trying to make myself sleep at the right time I waste the time I’m actually awake.

I think a lot of us crave a certain amount of freedom in our lives, that if we look at things sensibly we know we can’t have.  For me this craving manifests in how I want my sleep patterns to go & on a larger scale having some degree of control over when I do what.  If I had my way I’d fall asleep sometime around midday & either sleep through until 8pm or if I could reshape biology sleep 12-4pm and then 8-12pm or 9pm-1am…now that’d be amazing.  I’d have a lunch type meal around 9am I think, just because I like to eat a lot at that time of day.

Looking at the bigger picture I’d love to structure the year around learning, because that’s essentially what my life’s about.  Even last year studying at home my time was ruled by exams & my personal timetable was strict, and whilst I’m enjoying the structure of university because it’s different something about it still clashes with me, as I expect the necessity of social conformity clashes with everyone, at least at some point or another.

So for now I’ve opened my curtains because it makes me happy & hope I’ll be able to get enough sleep to function in today’s labs (no chance), hopefully today will be a productive day if nothing else =)

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